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Birthdate:Aug 23
Location:Denver, Colorado, United States of America
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1920s, 1940s, a.d.d., add, animals, antique jewelry, antiques, antiquity, anything with velcro, art, art films, art history, asian cultures, atheism, autumn, bad religion, bellydancers, bestiality, biking, bill maher, bipolar, bipolar disorder, box turtles, boxes, breeding show llamas, buddhism, caffeine, camping, cephalopods, chess, cocoa krispies, coffee, collecting dead birds, college, colorado, columbine high school, containers, curvy things, cutting my hair, death, debating, denver, dorks, drawing, dream haunting, dreams, eating healthy, eccentricity, edgar allan poe, enviromentalism, environment, environmentalism, eyeliner, fall, fiction, figure drawing, figure painting, fog, funny brownies, geeks, genius, getting lost in space, growing mutant plants, hangnails, hiking, hip replacements, hypomania, indian music videos, indie films, introspection, labelmakers, labelmaking, late night diners, listing my interests, lithium, live, live (the band), looking at stuff, mania, manic depression, manic depressive, manic depressive disorder, manic-depression, manic-depressive, manic-depressive disorder, mannequin heads, matisse, meditation, mood swings, mountain biking, mountain tops, mountains, movies, music, my couch, my dog, my faux suede pants, nature, nerds, new york city, night owls, nonfiction, nyc, outdoors, painting, phallic objects, pi, picasso, poe, poetry, pratt insitute, r.e.m., rain, reading, redheads, rem, road trips, roadtrips, saving/cataloguing my urine, sculpture, sea monkeys, short stories, simpsons, sketching, snow, spazzes, spring, staring into space, summer, sweaters, swiss cheese, taperecorders, taperecording, terrapena carolina, the 40's, the 40s, the mountains, the outdoors, the simpsons, three toed box turtles, tv dinners, ucd, van gogh, wild mood swings, winter, writing, yellowstone national park, yeti, zen, zen buddhism
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